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Economic Development Essay

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Community Economic Project Profile (Part B)

Importance of abundant community theory:
John McKnight coined the term Abundant Community where community members stay together, work and care each other, raise their children together and collectively work to create and produce their future and abundant communities are vital, productive and important for social change. According to John and Peter, “There are things that people can do only as families and neighbors that are vital to a good and satisfied life”. The responsibilities of an abundant community are to ensure health, safety, environment, economy, food, children and care and no business, agency or government can ...view middle of the document...

They have migrated to Canada as skilled worker category and skills are the important factor of the abundant community. Most of the people here in the community have lack of knowledge about how to use their skills. After my field work, I have found most of the community members are have the potential skills to work together and build a meaningful future. Crescent Town community centre is also an universal property of the community which can be used as a platform to collect community members and make them stronger by sharing their skills which is considered as gifts in the abundant community.
Potential Assets: The community members themselves are the biggest assets in the community as crescent town community is a diverse. If the community members gather together and work collaboratively, the change will come in the future. As I mentioned before, the skills can play a vital role towards potential change. In the Crescent Town, places are also a positive asset for the community. The Crescent Town Community Centre is the right place and can play a significant role in bringing the community together. The women groups for example Bangladeshi Women Association are an asset in the community as well. These groups have very strong connection to the community members and if they can work together with people, community can see effective social change. After doing my study about the events that takes place in the community, I found lots of community events regularly happening in the Crescent Town. These events like ‘Boishakhi Fair’ are important assets of the community as it will help community members to connect each other and build a relationship network to fulfill their community needs. In the Crescent town, there are three community services organization I consider as great asset for the...

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