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Economic globalization refers to increasing economic interdependence of and national economies across the world through a rapid increase in cross-border movement of goods, service, technology and capital.[1] Whereas globalization is centered around the rapid development of science and technology, and increasing cross-border division of labor[2], economic globalization is propelled by the rapid growing significance of information in all types of ...view middle of the document...

Economic globalization comprises the globalization of production, markets, competition, technology, and corporations and industries.[1] While economic globalization has been occurring for the last several hundred years (since the emergence of trans-national trade), it has begun to occur at an increased rate over the last 20–30 years under the framework of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and World Trade Organization which made countries to gradually cut down trade barriers and open up their current accounts and capital accounts.[4] This recent boom has been largely accounted by developed economies integrating with less developed economies, by means of foreign direct investment, the reduction of trade barriers, and in many cases cross border immigration.
It can be argued that economic globalization may or may not be an irreversible trend. There are several significant effects of economic globalization. There is statistical evidence for positive financial effects as well as proposals that there is a power imbalance between developing and developed countries in the global economy. Furthermore, economic globalization has an impact on world cultures.

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