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Economics Paper

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Team C, you winners, losers and personal impact need expanded, see comment below, assignment grade 31/40

I. Summary:
* Founder and Promoter Chris Pook
* 40th Long Beach Grand Prix
* April 11-13, 2014
* 80 laps
* 157 miles
* 2014 Winner Mike Conway Bromley, England
* Seven Racing Events
* Several Sponsors
* Pro/Celebrity Race
* Primary Financial Contributor Toyota
* Great Family Outing
* How many attendees?
II. Winners of the Event:
* El Dorado Park Golf Club in Long Beach
* Children Hospital of ...view middle of the document...

Losers of the Event
* Long beach convention center did not book any event for that weekend
* Bad publicity for the brands of cars and tires that did poorly in the race
* Long beach transit has several routes closed that day because of the event
* Restaurant located on the street race were closed
* DUI fines for some people who attended the race and got pulled over by the police due to heavy drinking at the event too much narrative
* Expensive to take the whole family (one ticket averages $55, parking for one day $15 plus food consumption)
* Local businesses outside Downtown Long Beach area
* City, overtime pay

IV. Impact on Individual Team Member and Employer Most of the items below do not appear to have a financial impact
* Lots of noise from the race
* Congested area
* Public intoxication
* Lots of Traffic
* Dentures(dentures are false teeth) to get to and from work
* Blocked freeways (710)
* The locals have to pay an entrance fee to dine at eateries
* Locals have a hard time finding parking at their homes
* No team member’s employers were impacted.


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