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Eden Essay

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Social enterprise is an enterprise which help to improve the human life style by teaching them skill as well as the environment but without caring if it can earn profit or not. Although this seen no profit to the investor as if they believe doing this can maximize their utility by helping the weak can further their capacity to realize their social and environmental goals. The social enterprise that we choose for this assignment is Eden Project. The project is located at Kaolinite pit, which is 2 kilometres from ...view middle of the document...

The motivation of the Eden Project is that they wish to explore ideas and innovations that can help human being to tread lighter on the planet. How they save the environment? First they cutting the carbon that their produce by planting thousands of plants and also limited the energy use so the building of Eden is special as most of the light come from sunlight. Next they change the waste into useful item with the process of measure, reduce, reuse, recycle and reinvest, for example they use the plastic cup to make chair, turn the food waste into compost. Than they also save the water by the underground system when they flowering the plant some of the water that does not absorb by the plant may fall into the underground system so that they can reuse the water, they also collect the rain falls on the Biomes to irrigate the Rainforest Biome by top up the waterfall and maintain the high humidity inside the Eden. The product sell in Eden were all make by the plant which planting inside the Eden it show that they know what they want and use what they have.

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