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Educating Our Children About Nutrition Essay

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Educating our Children about Nutrition

I just read an article by Lisa Belkin, “Should Schools Educate Students Nutritionally?”
Yes, they should, I strongly agree. We’ve heard the statistics. Our children are getting fatter with each generation. Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last 30 years. ...view middle of the document...

I think by providing children with activities like these it will encourage them to choose healthy food. Teachers can also use flash cards and books so children can identify junk food from healthy food.
And it doesn’t stop there; serving healthy school meals is just as essential as teaching our children about nutrition. A recent study performed at Harvard School of Public Health reveals that children who were served a standard school lunch left more food on their plates than children who were fed nutritious lunches. In Massachusetts there are a group of students who call themselves’ the “Green Team” who plant, care and harvest vegetables in there school garden. Then the school uses these vegetables in the salad bar at lunch. They also offer healthy choices in their cafeteria vending machine like yogurt, baby carrots and granola bars. And according to the article I read by Lisa Belkin, she said that in Harlem, at the Promise Academy they cook all their food at the school, and have options like turkey lasagna with fresh zucchini. In Santa Monica there’s a salad bar at every school. Outside Atlanta Georgia, Grady High School is serving veggie burgers. In Irvington, New York, The parents have established No Junk Food Week. As you can see schools all over are working towards the same goal by providing healthier lunches for their students.
Physical education in school is also essential for children. Study shows that physical activities can actually increase our children’s attention span. All children love to play activities such as running, jumping, screaming, running around and exert energy. Play is essential in our children’s lives. Teachers can support and encourage this by providing equipment and guidance that is appropriate for every age group. And by planning fun activities that involve the whole class, games and play can be developed so that children can associate learning with...

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