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Education Paper

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Final Project
Section 1: What is the purpose of education? What goals do you want your students to achieve?
The purpose of education is to prepare someone to meet the demands of the real world. Education teaches an individual about a particular subject or it develops the problem solving skills that I feel everyone is born with. I feel that everyone is born with the ability to solve problems. Education challenges those skills and forces children and adults alike, to create or enhance their own problem solving skills. Albert Einstein was quoted as saying, “The aim [of education] must be the training of independently acting and thinking individuals who, however, see in the service to the ...view middle of the document...

You can lose everything else in life, but knowledge is yours to keep, forever.
I would like my students to achieve many things. I think first and foremost I want my students to have good social skills. It is important for me to be able to teach my students how to treat others with respect and model that behavior to others. I also want them to find something that interests them and learn how to make that a driving force in their life. I want them to develop into lifelong learners and begin to realize what makes them happy. I believe that there is something in everyone’s life that interests them. I would want my students to realize that “something” and become interested in it. I would like for them to be creative and able to make decisions that will better their life. I would hope that each one of my students would have a better understanding of what makes them happy and learn to do whatever it takes to make that dream possible.
Section II: What is the student's role? What are the students' responsibilities?
The student has many roles and responsibilities in the classroom. I think it is important for a student to not miss too many days of school and be present so they are able to learn. A student is responsible for being accountable for his/her actions in the classroom or on school grounds. A student is responsible for obeying the rules of the school and giving courtesy to other students in the classroom. A teacher has the responsibility of being what is referred to as the “gatekeeper” (Ryan & Cooper, 2013, p.40). The “gatekeeper is responsible for deciding who speaks during classroom discussions. The gatekeeper is in charge in the classroom. If the teacher is the gatekeeper, then I would call the students the keys. They are the keys because they are constantly trying to open the gate. I think this is important when it comes to student’s roles and responsibilities. I think you can get students who misbehave and throw everything off. A student is responsible for behaving in the classroom and abiding by the rules of the classroom. They are also responsible for completing all work and tests. I also feel that a student should be accountable for their work in the classroom. If you are going to do something, whether it be good or bad, you better take ownership of it. Graham (2014) states that “accountability breeds responsibility” and if students are able to take ownership of their own pitfalls or areas of improvement, then they will learn to develop some of the problem solving skills they need to be successful in life (para. 18). I think that if a student is able to see where they need to improve, then they have won half the battle. I feel that also being aware and actually doing something about it comes down to the teacher holding them accountable. The student has the role of at least trying to make things better. I think the roles and responsibilities of a student depend on what grade level you are talking about. In...

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