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Education Preparedness Essay

930 words - 4 pages

Educational Preparedness

Grand Canyon University
Tracy Chesney, MSN-Ed, RN, CNE
25th of November 2012

Educational Preparedness
Nursing is ongoing and lifelong, for the nurse and the patient. It is not limited to the time spent in the hospital, but follows the nurse and patient for life. The importance of the way the nurse delivers this care to the patient can make all the difference to the patients stay at the hospital. In the writer’s opinion education preparedness can change the way a nurse delivers patient care.
According to The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), “there are three routes to becoming a registered nurse: a ...view middle of the document...

Patient Care Situation
Rapid Response turned Code
Recently while at work the author’s, whom is the primary nurse in this scenario, patient had a “rapid response” situation that turned into a “code.” The patient had been recently admitted from another hospital to an acute care thirty four bed hospital following a below the knee amputation four days prior. During admission the nurse collected the patient’s vitals. Everything besides his blood pressure was within normal limits. His blood pressure was 90s/50s. Upon second assessment during medication administration the same nurse collected his vitals again. This time his blood pressure was 70s/40s and was very weak and symptomatic. Immediately the nurse called the doctor and the doctor ordered a normal saline bolus. During all of this his blood pressure tanked more. He became weak and the situation turned worse. He went pulseless. Being he was a “full code” the nurse started CPR. The doctor ordered a series of medications. He was not responding to the medications so the charge nurse called out for an ambulance. While the ambulance was on the way the nurse, charge nurse, and doctor got his pulse back. Things were looking up. The ambulance arrived and took him to the nearest hospital.
BSN Management of Care
The author is a new graduate nurse with only two months of experience and this situation was her first code. This new graduate associate degree nurse had no clue why her charge nurse was so adamant about charting every detail of the situation. Now, as the new graduate nurse is in a BSN program and has done research on what the BSN program encompasses she has a better understanding. The charge nurse’s charting was impeccable, down to every last detail. The documentation included every important aspect needed. Incorporated was subjective and objective information,...

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