Effective And Inneffective Communication Essay

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Communication is defined as a process of conveying and receiving ideas and information through a mutually shared system of symbols and embedded in a context and situation. (Bhasker, 2013)
It is important that communication is effective to make sure the person we are trying to communicate is able to recognize and understand the message. This is especially important in organizations as an effective communication process can help having less misunderstandings, which usually creates conflict, time wasting and mistakes. There are many variables or factors that influence the effectiveness of communication, some of these are found in the organizational environment, some in the people ...view middle of the document...

We also made a facebook group so we could finish the work together.

As previously stated, this scenario reflect effective communication skills. We took advantage of the group structure we had, so one key factor was the organizational structure. Our group had an all channel communication pattern we each one of us received an equal amount of information and at the same time during the meeting, so all of us contributed in problem solving tasks and giving ideas in a less time consuming way. In one of her Studies, Dr. Raman(2009) supports this motion by stating that it is necessary for employees at all levels of a company to be aware of all the information that affects or will affect a decision. It was also agreed that we should first listen carefully to others suggestions, and active listening was also an important aspect since it also allowed us to give feedback to each other’s suggestions and look for ways to improve. Listening is so important to decision making, that managers must improve their listening skills (Bell, Smith 2005). Furthermore, in one of their studies, Ahmed et al. (2010) stated that one of the most important determinants of organizational performance is the ability to listen and respond to feedback. It is also important to mention that this feedback was done in a polite and adequate way, without making the person receiving the feedback that we were judging him or that we had a problem with him. Communication apprehension is defined as "an individual's level of fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication with another person or people. During presentation episodes, high state Communication Apprehension has been shown to be related to excessive attention to self, which results in poorer performances in public speaking situations (Daly et al, 1989). Speakers experiencing state Communication Apprehension, because they are more self-focused and miss external cues, as a result, they lose some of the opportunities they may have to adapt to audience reactions. The ability, in a public speaking situation, to determine whether the speaker's point is being understood or whether the audience is paying attention is really important. Self-esteem and self-awareness play a critical role in this situation, the emotions we display when presenting an idea shows the people surrounding us how the feedback they are providing is affecting us. It was important that during the meeting everyone kept motivated towards achieving a good grade, so everyone took the feedback given in the best possible way when they were doing their proposal and gave feedback aiming to improve the proposals with useful advice. Organizational strategy is only successful if feedback is actively encouraged from those who are responsible of implementing the strategy. During the meeting, we all shared our ideas in full and nobody felt like not showing interest on talking. We were all able and willing to speak fluently and give our ideas properly. This...

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