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Effective Managers Essay

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Effective Managers

The skills required to become an Effective Manager

Wayne A. Gould
Saint Leo University
MBA-525-MBOL2 Professional Development
Dr. Bruce Hammond
June 17, 2012


The managerial smorgasbord is riddled with a number of skill sets that could be deemed essential to effective management. The research suggests that the modern manger must be an effective communicator capable of delivering a clear and concise message to its intended recipient free of distortion. In addition, to effective communication, a good manager must be a strong motivator. Motivation demands that an effective ...view middle of the document...

After considering all other skill sets necessary to be an effective manger, the areas of communications, motivation, and flexibility is common and persuasive to be an effective manager.
Chief executives in the healthcare arena values communication skills above all all non-financial skills when seeking a Chief Financial Officer (Pillips, 1998). According to John Kilkoski, nearly 75% of a manager’s time is spent on communication (1993). Communication is not always verbal, although the spoken word is an essential part of communication. The entire concept is enveloped in speech, writing, and a myriad of non verbal cues.
At its basic level communication is the sending and receiving of information from one person to another. Therefore, effective communication would thus mean the uninterrupted sending and receiving of messages. If a manager is sending and receiving messages for close to three quarters of a workday, it is easy to see the consequences of either poor delivery or bad reception. Dr. Joe Pace agrees that the ability to communicate clearly is a fundamental aspect of management that must be mastered in order to garner respect and attain success in the workplace (2006). Furthermore, good communication skills are not inherent in managers but they are skills developed over time through practicing and adjustments.
The emphasis from academia to the business world is to concentrate on the sender of the message. Speech classes emphasize presentation skills and delivery as the most important aspect of effective communications. This approach is not wrong, it is just incomplete. The delivery of the message is essential to completing the circle but it is useless if the message is ignored or is most commonly the case, the message is misunderstood (Drucker, 1974). Effective communication is complete when the message is sent without interruption and it is received without distortion. As straight forward and simple as this concept is, many breakdowns in communication occurs at the recipient end, where the message is received in a different interpretation from how it was sent. That does not mean that the fault lies with the recipient. It is the responsibility of the sender/manager to ensure that communication is clear and travels without ambiguity.
In fairness to the sender of the message, Communication pipelines are influenced by many factors, some having nothing to do with the intent or behavior of the sender. Nevertheless, effective management requires that productive communication occurs when the manager is aware of the obstacles and distractions that surrounds or cloud good communications. Inherent in this knowledge is also a responsibility to remove the distractions and promote the environment that will foster a clean delivery of the intended message.
Kilkoski identified several factors that are often the culprit of good and effective communicating. Chief amongst them is the manager communicator failure to identify with the...

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