Effective Study Skills Are The Sole Foundation Of A Sound Education

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Effective study skills are the sole foundation of a sound education.


There are many factors that contribute to a sound and solid education. Education is too much of a complex process for anyone to simplify it and tie it to one or two causes. We may begin by looking at some of the possible influences that may play important role here. The psychological, biological, and social-cultural elements are definitely in charge of producing a diverse range of effects. We will find that inner motivation, amazement for the world around them and desire to learn will definitely ignite and foster a thirst for learning that could lead towards building a sound education. Having supportive and encouraging individuals to guide them through the learning process will also be of help. However, there have been cases were individuals find themselves surrounded by despair or hopelessness and this seems to have fuelled their desire to overcome the obstacles ...view middle of the document...

The last factor to consider is the social-cultural one. Society plays a tremendous role here as certain values and beliefs are placed upon individuals regarding their education. Some cultures have gender bias and may limit the possibilities of developing some good talents. Others place a high demand on overachieving and are more focused on constant improving their skills to gain more access in the competitive world without limitations on gender. There is also an economic variable that may affect education. Depending on how much money and resources are available in the family, the community and the school system will definitely create some impact. This could mean that the schools may not have a low student child ratio, lack of computers or school supplies, not very many good teachers to name a few things.

Effective study skills are one small unit in this vast interconnected system. If there is support from all of the above factors we may find that building study skills will be a life long lesson that will help students in their academic success and professional lives as well. Study skills like planning, organizing, reading active listening, note taking, active learning, and effective writing are part of the essential skill for life and school success. Encouraging this habit will provide them with support and self-management in this constantly changing world of fast track knowledge. Educators need to work hard on learning how to teach effective study skills to all students therefore, motivating them to continue learning and gaining a positive attitude towards school and life.


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