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Effects Of Facebook To Student's Academic Performance

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Effects of Facebook to Student's Academic Performance
In: People
Effects of Facebook to Student's Academic Performance
Calamba City Science High School
Chipeco Avenue, Brgy. 3, Calamba City


Ana Beatrice S. Del Rosario
Hans Alfred B. Alib
Allaina Marie A. Narvacan
Ivan Kelly Gajes
Jebril Czar Macanas
Jhelsey Joyce E. Pareja

Feb.14, 2014


Abstract ------------------------------------------------------1
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Facebook is a social networking site in internet where you can post your feelings, chat with friends, etc. Facebook was used to be the relaxing agents of students after studying or after going back to school and spending 6 hours and above.
This study is conducted not only for parents but also for students especially those who have low grades on other subjects. The study was conducted by Grade 7 on two (2) schools in Calamba City, Laguna.
This study’s purpose is to know if the students are still aware of the Facebook towards their grades and the effects of Facebook to school performances.
The study shows that Facebook distract students to their academic performance and supports the idea that Facebook impacts the...

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