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Effects Of Tv Watching On A Child's Development

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Effects of TV Watching on a Child's Development
Effects of TV Watching on a Child's Development
A child sitting in with a remote in front of a television set could watch anything from cartoons to programs with murders and sexual content that is not suitable for young minds. On the other hand, TV has its potential benefits that come from viewing some shows. The kids can get to learn positive aspects of social behavior such as sharing and cooperation, TV also opens up a new world for kids, giving them a chance to travel the globe, learn about different traditions and cultures and expose them to ideas they may never encounter in their own community. However, TV ...view middle of the document...

These effects on the development of children have been seen to endure through adolescence (Parke & Clarke-Stewart 2011).
Negative Effects of TV Watching on a Child’s Development
TV is an important source of knowledge about other people and the more time children spend on them, the more they tend to perceive social reality that reflect what they see on TV. Unfortunately, TV representation of life is inaccurate; hence kids will tend to underestimate the degree of danger and crime in the real world. This may take a catastrophic toll on their latter years.
Another major negative influence of watching TV for young viewers is violence. People have blamed TV for children risking their lives doing dangerous stunts in an attempt to copy superheroes. Programs that show huge wrestlers fighting each other to excite an ecstatic audience and even seemingly innocuous cartoons like Tom and Jerry, where they are seen constantly bashing each other, show kids that violence is a means of power (Parke & Clarke-Stewart 2011).
Excessive TV watching is also related to weight gain. There's a sort of association between the amount of TV a young child watches and his weight. The reason to this may be that the child eats while he watches or watching TV prevents him from engaging in outdoor activities. (Levine & Munsch, n.d)
Solutions to Reduce Negative Effects
Parents can help diminish negative effects of watching TV among young viewers in a number of ways such as watching TV with them. This can then help them cope with fear aroused by scary movies. They can also help them understand and interpret programs which they’re watching. It’s also important for you to monitor content of TV programming and set viewing limits to ensure your kids don’t spend too much time parked in front of the TV.
This paper sought to carry out the following: discuss the positive and negative...

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