Electronic Health Records Essay

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Health Care Information Systems Terms

Sherrilynn Walters


August 1, 2011
Health Care Information Systems Terms

|Term |Definition |How It Is Used in Health Care |
|Health Insurance Portability and |Health Insurance Portability and |Health Insurance Portability and |
|Accountability Act |Accountability Act outlines the rules and |Accountability Act is used in healthcare to|
| |regulation on protecting personal health |protect patients from having his or her |
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|electronically such as test results, |
| | |personnel identity, and treatments. |
| | | |
|Electronic health record |An electronic health record is an |Electronic health record makes it easier |
| |electronic health record used by more than |for doctors to access and share patients’ |
| |one health care professional and is |information. |
| |standard enough to be recognized between | |
| |different organizations. | |
|Personal health record |Personal health records are nationally |A personal health record lets a person |
| |standard records containing individual’s |collect, track, and share past and current |
| |health information from different sources |information. |
| |that the patient controls. | |
|Computerized provider order entry system |Computerized provider order entry system is|The use of computerized provider order |
| |the process provider’s use for entering |entry system can help health care |
| |medication orders or other doctor |professionals reduce medication errors. |
| |instructions electronically instead of on | |
| |paper charts. | |
|Unique patient identifier |Unique patient identifiers are a unique |A unique patient identification number |
| |identifier assigned to a person that will |would help in health care to reduce medical|
| |help identify his or her health and |errors, make it easier to use electronic |
| |personnel information. |medical records, increase the effectiveness|
| | |of care, and protect patient privacy. |
| | | ...

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