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Electronic Medical Record Essay

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Electronic Medical Records
Christina Pierre
Monday August 26th, 2013
Dr. Alex Kadrie

Electronic Medical Records
The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digital version of a persons’ medical record that contains the same information as paper record except it comes in an electronic form. The EMR is much more secure than paper record. The access of EMR is limited to staff who have a leg mated “need to know” for treatment, payment, or operation purposes. The EMR system is designed to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to a patient medical record through safeguards. The system is ...view middle of the document...

Confidentiality safeguards information that has been gathered in the context of an intimate relationship between a doctor and patient. It helps keep information exchanged from being disclosed to third parties. The EMR system helps protect medical information from being exposed. It gives doctors easy access to a patient medical record, and making it easier to share information with other medical professionals. The encryption technology system protects electronic patient’s records when the information is transferred, and this ensures that only the intended recipients can view the report. Also hospitals and health providers are required to install firewalls to their computer system to block from unwanted access.
The EMR data enables physician to focus more on the patient rather than gathering for information through a variety of paperwork at the time of his or her visitation. An existing electronic medical record can save time at the doctor’s office. Quick access to a patient medical record can be lifesaving if an emergency occurs and questions and answers can help with decision making. Doctors with detailed report on their patient medical history can enrich patient’s education. The EMR enhances communication and collaboration between health care providers and patients. The system provides the patient with a secure and confidential access to their own medical record pertaining to his or her health condition. Patients who can manage their own medical record through the EMR system are more willing to comply with treatment plans.
The EMR provide patient with convenient, secure access to their medical record, lab results, and it keeps patient informed about his or her health needs. The system also deliver and promote relevant health and wellness services, and educational offerings. It allow patient to consolidate his or her health information into one easily accessible file to share with health professionals. Whereas paper record deteriorate over time in storage, it can be difficult to decipher for those who are not familiar with medical terminology. To access paper record they must either be mailed or scanned to get to whoever requested a copy. Though both systems may be vulnerable to natural disaster, an organization that does not have the EMR system in place may just have one hard copy of paper record, versus the EMR consisting of one backup copy.
Social networks are playing an increasingly role in the healthcare industry. More patients are using social networks to track their health conditions and care. Social network allow access to and sharing...

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