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Electronics Essay

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The purpose of an operating system, also known as (OS) is system software that manages computer hardware and software resources. It also provides common services for your computer programs. The (OS) is a component of the system software in a computer system. Usually applications require an operating system to function. It is the most important program that runs computers. The (OS) also takes responsibility for your security making sure that unapproved users will not be able to access your system. Operating systems is there to perform basic jobs for you, like control your input from a keyboard, sending output to reveal on your screen, keeps track of files directories you may have on the disk. ...view middle of the document...

Mac is the proprietary (OS) used by (Apple) for Macintosh computers. Mac is estimated that no more than 10% of US population uses its (OS). Granted it is chosen to be one of the best for multimedia designers, graphic artists and musicians. Mac was originally named systems and could only be run on Macintosh computers that had Motorola processors. Mac computers are not PCs, like wise Mac OS is not compatible with (PC Hardware) and PC based operating systems such as (Windows and Linux). Mac OS also has specialized versions that was developed for devices which are Iphones, Ipods for music, and even Ipads for options to perform a variety of entertainment for you.
Now going on with the operating systems, Linux is a secondary (OS) to the Windows OS which was originally designed for just that. It is more put to use for gaming consoles, DVRs and mobile phones. It is estimated that only 1 to 2% of US population uses Linux on their PC. Although Linux is free to download it is licensed under a General Public License also know as (GPL), which is anyone who acquires the material must...

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