Emergency Situations Essay

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Jonathan Peragine
Professor McMillan
English 101
June 9, 2015
Emergency Decision-Making
Unfortunately, people are confronted with medical emergencies all the time. Such emergencies can be very scary and the people involved must make crucial decisions without much time to deliberate. Because emergencies happen so frequently, I usually already have a detailed plan of how to act when I encounter them. However, I know from personal experience that even if a person has a plan for how to navigate an emergency, his plan will go out the window the minute his emergency becomes a reality. He will have to make the best decisions that he can in hopes of them not coming back to rest on his ...view middle of the document...

To top all of this off, all of the skin around her finger had been peeled off and her nail was completely gone. The moment I realized how serious her injury was, I became lightheaded and sick to my stomach. But I had to keep my composure in an attempt to keep her calm. However, looking back at it now, I probably revealed in my face how concerned I was, because she immediately started to cry and refused to look at her own hand. We both realized at the same time that this was a medical emergency.
After carrying my girlfriend off of the field and over to a nearby grassy area, I looked back and realized that her coaches were more concerned about resuming the softball game than addressing the emergency that had just occurred. It was at this moment that I realized that I was going to need to make some decisions about how to get her to the hospital. Because I did not have a valid driver’s license, this was a problem. However, after a few short minutes of personal deliberation, I chose to drive her to the emergency room myself, which ultimately satisfied my conscience for many reasons.
The primary reason that driving my girlfriend to the hospital without a valid driver’s license does not weigh on my conscious is because I did so as a reaction to a serious medical emergency. Because my girlfriend was screaming, crying, and gushing blood all over, I believed that the quicker she got to the hospital, the better the situation would pan out in the long run. Seeing my girlfriend in so much pain made me feel helpless. In that moment, I wished that I could take her pain away so that she was not suffering anymore. Because I could not do this, the next best thing was to get her to the emergency room so that a doctor could take her pain away.
Before making the decision to drive her, I first grabbed an old shirt out of her car and wrapped it around her bleeding hand. As I began talking to the people around me about what to do next, they all expressed that there was a high liability associated with driving an injured student in their vehicles. While I had not been relying on the idea that somebody else would drive her, I was disappointed and angry that nobody had even offered. This made me feel even more like the responsibility was on my shoulders and I needed to step up to the plate and make some decisions. However, the fact that I was the only person able to drive her is definitely a contributing factor as to why making this decision still sits well with me today. At the point that I realized that I was the only person willing to drive, I...

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