Emirati Studies True And False Essay

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(T)1.The percentage of Africans in the UAE is about 1% of its's population. 

(F)2.The federal government attained control over defence and border control in 1971.

(T)3.Irrigation through Falajs dates back to the iron age.

(T)4.The FNC gets its authority and roles from the Supreme Council.

(T)5.Dubai and Abu Dhabi make up 40% of the FNC members.

(T)6.The UAE used a provisional constitution for 25 years.

(T)7.The percentage of appointed women in the FNC in 2006 is 20%.

(F)8.Only one woman was (ELECTED)appointed in the FNC from Abu Dhabi in 2006.

(T)9.The Emtpy Quarter borders the UAE.

(F)10.Dhaid is about 50 KM to the (EAST)north of sharjah.

(F)11.Trading was ...view middle of the document...

(T)28.Sharjah has the largest number of industrial firms.

(T)29.The UAE has become less dependent on natural resources.

(T)30.The UAE always requires at least 51% national ownership in all businesses operation in the UAE.

(F)31.A high-class tourism sector has been developed in Dubai,Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. (DUBAI ONLY)

(F)32.There are about 100 islands in the UAE.(200)

(T)33.Al Ain is the largest oasis in the UAE.

(F)34.The city of Abu Dhabi is a peninsula.(ISLAND)

(T)35.Ajman is the smallest emirate in size and population.

(T)36.in 2009, Ajman had more population than Fujairah and Um Al Qaiwain put together.

(F)37.The pearling journey used to last for about three months.(FOUR MONTHS)

(F)38.in 1971, The UK decided to withdraw from the Gulf.(1968)

(T)39.Oil was first exported from the UAE in 1962.

(F)40.Agriculture has been practiced for 500 years in the UAE.(5000 YEARS)

(T)41.The rulers of the emirates adopted the first constitution in july 1971.

(T)42.There are more indians than all other foreign nationalities put together.

(T)43.Most UAE descended from the tribal...

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