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Employee Diversity Essay

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Human Resource Management | May 25
In this Pre-Course Assignment Report, I will be discussing about Employee Diversity. How employee diversity has impact the company performance and how it brings advantages for the company. Not only that, solutions for HRM department to handle workplace diversity will be discuss further. | Nico Dharmaputra (CT0143972) |

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Human Resource Department must be able to manage these trends to bring the advantages for the firm. Here are some advantages that can be gained from Employee Diversity.
* Great Idea input (creativity)
In a firm, group of employees are come from different type of background, culture, age and etc. When a firm have a collaboration of different employee collaborating on a project, then the firm will get a great amount of creative input for the project. The collection of different creative idea and brainstorms may bring good benefits for the company to strengthening their productivity and adapt with changing trends. So if employee diversity is managed properly, the strength of each employee can complement the weakness of others workers to make the team work more efficiently.
* Organization’s Global Effect
Once a firm is able to manage their workplace diversity, they will get a good reputation and public image as a good place to they will be able to attract qualified employee to fill different market segment. Once it success, the firm are able better understand different market segments and have different perspectives, thus will provide a different marketing advantage. Firm will found it easier to participate in global market, and respond more quickly to environmental changes. Besides that, the increase of globalisation requires firm to interact and negotiate with different people from different cultures. Therefore, the need to integrate employee diversity in workplace into business strategy, processes and implication are important.
* Better quality problem-solving
Diversity in organizational decision making may give a superior decisions and solutions, because there is a greater variety of backgrounds, cultures, experiences, ideas, knowledge, beliefs and worldviews in a decision makers group. However, it is again important to emphasize that specific steps must be taken to realize these potential benefits of diversity in workgroups.
Problems of Employee Diversity to Organization
Diversity may not just bring advantages for the company, but may bring problems for the company. When the HRM department are not able to manage the workplace diversity, these problems may occurs.
* Communication issues
Miscommunications can occur over both verbal and non-verbal communication. There might be language barriers between people of different ethnic backgrounds, people of different ages and people with different levels of industry experience. Any language barrier is going to slow communication or create misunderstandings that make communication ineffective. For examples, when a manager is giving an instruction of doing certain tasks, and the employee doesn’t fully understand the instructions, the employee can make a mistake if he/she tries to complete the task without a clear instruction.
* Conflict in working style/ culture
Most of companies nowadays are employing people from different backgrounds and culture. But, the differences...

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