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Employee Engagement Essay

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Organizations are struggling to retain the best talent at work and are striving to create an emotional bond to their organization in the minds of the employees. But, for the employees, excitement might be getting diminished as there is no time and are rolling along ...view middle of the document...

Employee engagement activities at office will always keep the employees refreshed and relaxed. Having fun at work will augment team building, bring togetherness, relieve stress and make the employee emotionally bonded to the organization and this will also have an effect on the attrition rates. Employee engagement activities are absolutely necessary when the employers want their employees to genuinely engage in what they do.

Our main objective is
• To study the new trends in employee engagement followed by organizations
• To assess the relative importance of employee engagement as an indicator of job performance.
• To study the employee engagement trends in various industries.
• To analyze the employee engagement in a cross-cultural workforce.

• Literature survey- To study available literature on employee engagement methods
• Collect information about new trends followed by various organizations
• Analysis of the collected information to arrive at the conclusions

Expected conclusion:
• Positive effect of employee engagement on individual performance
• Effect of employee engagement on group dynamics
• Effect of employee engagement on the attrition rates
• Employee engagement as a reliable method to improve organization’s financial returns.
• New employee engagement trends contributing towards the growth of various industries.


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