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1.) What are your interest and hobbies.
Sports have always been a part of my life. I have been involved in cheerleading at a very young age and I naturally created an interest in football and basketball. I enjoy watching high school and college football and basketball which incorporates my desire and ambition to volunteer my time coaching cheerleading at local recreation parks and centers. Coaching cheerleading allows me to stay active myself, and give back the talents I have acquired throughout the years.
I enjoy working out on a consistent basis I try to do at least two physical activities five days a week. I love yoga, Pilates, running, and hope to take up biking soon. My husband and I ...view middle of the document...

I have managed all recruiting activities and managed interns. I have also obtained LEED accreditation and have become the only in-house LEED AP. I had the opportunity at Williams-Sonoma to engage in high-end sales while providing superior customer service. I was awarded the store monthly customer service award seven times and the regional customer service award twice within the eight years of my employment. As sales associate, I was appointed lead supervisor during holiday season and organized bridal functions and cooking classes. I have always wanted to train cheerleaders and teach proper technique. For eight years during the summer, I organized and managed various cheer camps and training classes. I marketed to and attained contracts from local schools, hired and managed experienced trainers, and created fun and informative camps. I began with two to three camps per summer and by the end had grown to greater than ten camps. Working and managing in various diverse environments has allowed me to acquire prestigious accreditations, manage and organize events, and create, organize and manage a small business. All of my accomplishments have pushed me to be great in whatever I do
3. Please share with us your career, professional, and/or self-development goals.
Goal setting is the foundation in my professional and personal development. I aspire to create goals, reach and set new goals on a continuous basis. I place goals in specific categories, focusing primarily on family, professional, and self-development.
My family is very important to me and my primary continuous goal is to maintain a safe and happy environment for my children and husband. We work as a team to maintain order in our house and aspire to provide a strong foundation for our children. As a wife and mother my goal is to support and guide my
Self-preservation is imperative for me to obtain my professional and family goals. I make it a point to maintain a positive environment and create a routine that involve my interest.
As a professional, I maintain long...

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