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Employee Motivation Essay

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Building Employee Motivation and Morale

Employee Motivation and Morale can be crucial to the success of a company. Happy employees are more willing to give 110% versus employees who hate their jobs. I have personally experienced this. I worked for a company that had a fantastic culture and was a great place to work. I enjoyed working there for many reasons. The office was nice and my coworkers and I worked very well together. I looked forward to going to work every day, because it didn’t truly seem like work. I was able to do something I enjoyed with people I liked. I have also worked in a place that I hated. With this job, I was habitually late and often called out sick. I was not productive and spent a lot of time on the internet and on the phone. I finally couldn’t take it anymore and quit. I have developed the following ideas to prevent my employees from mimicking that behavior:
Ergonomic Workspaces
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Items would include fresh fruit, protein bars, trail mixes and filtered water. I would also offer an assortment of teas and coffee to use with the office Keurig.
Bi-Annual Team building
Twice a year, I will have a company Team building Day. We will close the office at Noon and proceed with our team building activity, which will include lunch for all employees. This is a great way for companies to have mingling between its team members who wouldn’t normally work together on projects. During this time we will provide company updates to the team. The goal is to be transparent with the employees. In brings a sense of ease because employees are not constantly concerned about layoffs.
Wellness Program
We would also offer a wellness program. This would include gym memberships and incentives linked with participating in activities, such as 5k’s and Iron Man events. For the gym memberships, the company would pay the monthly membership fee based off of the amount of times the employee went to the gym. For example, if the employee goes to the gym 12 times a month, the entire monthly membership fee would be paid. If less than 12 but more than 10, the company will pay 75% of the monthly fee. This would give the incentive to go. Healthier employees tend to be happier employees.
We would offer annual performance bonuses, and would pay them on time! Nothing decreases employee morale more than if you tell you are going to do something and don’t follow through.
Promote from within
This is important. When companies promote from within, that gives the employee something to work towards. It is extremely discouraging to work hard for a company and have a job come up that you covet and are qualified for, and not be given the chance to interview, only to find out that the job has been offered to someone outside the organization.
All of these ideas were created with the hopes of building morale and motivating our employees. All of these ideas were developed with the employee’s happiness as the priority. One thing that we want to make sure is that these ideas are realistic. The last thing we want to do is lie to the employee by promising these things and not following through. If we can keep this model going, we can have a happy and productive working environment.

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