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Employee Motivation Case Study

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Employee Motivation – A Short Case Study
I joined CVS Caremark project in November after a successful stint working as a trainee at a Denver store. I had always wanted to go back to my hometown and live with my parents and when I got approved to transfer to Chicago I didn’t waste a single moment in saying yes to the new project and heading towards Illinois. Many of my friends were also moving to the Midwest at the same time which only made my decision easier.
I felt that Caremark offered better career prospects, as it was a new project and we were offered to work on the current technologies that were in demand in the market. I was sure I would excel in my new position at Caremark, just as ...view middle of the document...

Andrew had let me make my own mistakes and learn from them. He had always encouraged individual ideas, and let the team discover the flaws, if any, through discussion and experience. He rarely held an individual member of his team responsible if the team as a whole failed to deliver - for him the responsibility for any failure was collective. I remembered telling my colleagues at CVS that the ideal boss would be someone who did not interfere with his/her subordinate's work. I wanted to believe that Bill too was the non-interfering type. If that was the case, surely his non-interference would only help me to grow.
In my first week at work, I found the atmosphere at the office a bit dull. However, I was quite excited. The team had been assigned a new project and was facing a few glitches with the new software. I thought about the problem till late in the night and had come up with several possible solutions. I could not wait to discuss them with the team and Bill. I smiled to myself when I thought of how Bill would react when I told him that I had come up with several possible solutions to the problem. I was sure he would be happy with me having put in so much effort into the project, right from day one.
I was daydreaming about all the praise that I was going to get when Bill walked into the office. I waited for him to go into his workplace, and after five minutes, called him up, asking to see him. He asked me to come in after ten minutes. When I went in, he looked at me blankly and asked, "Yes?" Not sure whether he had recognized me, I introduced myself. He said, "Ok, but why did you want to meet me?"I started to tell him about the problems we were having with the software. But before I could even finish, he told me that he was busy with other things, and that he would send an email with the solution to all the members of the team by the end of the day, and that we could then implement it immediately.
I was somewhat taken aback. However, ever the optimist, I thought that he had perhaps already discussed the matter with the team. I came out of Bill's office and went straight to where my team members sat. I thought it would...

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