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Employee Relationship Essay

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Employee Relationship

Submitted by : Inese Jurika
Student ID : HNDB8339

Submitted by : Inese Jurika
Student ID : HNDB8339

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2
Introduction 3
1.0 Understanding the Employee Relationship against Changing Background 4
1.1 Unitary and Pluralistic frames of Reference 4
1.2 Changes in Trade Unionism Have Affected Employee Relations 6
1.3 Role of Main Players in Employee Relations 8
2.0 Understanding the Nature of industrial Conflict and Its Resolution 10
2.1 The Procedures an Organization should follow in dealing with Conflicts 10
2.2 The key features of employee Relation in a Selected Conflict ...view middle of the document...

European Union one of the most popular international organizations not only provides suggestion s but also imposes various types of restrictions of the development of employee relation in United Kingdom (Wong-Riley, 2011). It also helps to understand about the current employee relation in United Kingdom. It also includes some other topics that have been discussed in the main part of the assignment.

1.0 Understanding the Employee Relationship against Changing Background

Employee relations mean the relations between an employer and an association or union of workers. Therefore, it is the relations between employees and employers. After the legalization of trade union in 1824 employee, relation has been improved gradually in United Kingdom.
1.1 Unitary and Pluralistic frames of Reference

Frame of reference is the way through which the top managers of an organization perceive the formal relationship with individual or /and their representatives. The activities of Industrial relations of a particular organization are determined by the frame of reference of that organization. Alan Fox (1966) suggested that manager might adopt one of the following basic perspectives:
a) Unitary frame of reference:
In this perspective, managers think that they are the only legitimate source of power and authority and they value and protect it. They play the role of controlling activities and assume that all employees share the common goals of the organization, are loyal to the managers and totally committed to achieve the goals of that organization (Sheridan, 2009). Generally, conflicts create from the misunderstanding of persons. Nowadays, few companies have unitary frame of employee relations. Generally, organization don’t use this frames anymore in their business field.
b) Pluralistic frame of reference:
In this perspective, managers may allow and actively practice the freedom of expression and group development, which establish their own norms and elect their own informal leader. Here, legitimate source of power and authority arise in various areas and the group leaders command loyalty and competition goes on among the groups for resources (Schutter and Lenoble, 2010). Therefore, in this perspective, managers try to achieve their goals by joining the groups, encouraging the participation of the groups, motivating the employees and coordinating the work efforts of the workers. In pluralistic perspective every groups seek their own interest. Therefore, managers have to coordinate among the groups to reach his destination.
For example, in United Kingdom most of the companies have pluralistic frame of employee relations such as Tesco. Pluralistic frame brings many advantages in Tesco.

1.2 Changes in Trade Unionism Have Affected Employee Relations

Trade union was well known in the twenty century. Then Court gave the rule that if they do anything wrong that can harm business will be responsible. Britain used the conservative government in the past of 1923....

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