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Employee Suggestion Program Essay

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Business Communication Assignment
Report on Employee Suggestion Program
Prepared for
The Vice President

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16 Sept 2015

Employee Suggestion Scheme is to encourage and reward employees who come forward with ideas which can improve performance and or generate financial saving.
 Obtain Senior Management Buy-In
Any new program starts with a persuasive business case. Your business ...view middle of the document...

All key departments need to be represented to ensure ideas can be properly evaluated and implemented.
Agree on a Suggestion Reward Scheme
We need to give employees a cash reward for a helpful idea?
A hand-written thank-you letter from a manager.
You are perhaps considering cash rewards, too. Although cash rewards may boost idea generation, it has also been argued that cash rewards may extinguish intrinsic motivation to contribute good ideas.

Set Out Suggestion Guidelines
Which ideas are useful? And how much information is required for each idea submission?
A staff suggestion scheme can easily end up as a channel for employees to vent their frustrations or suggest merely self-serving benefits. To prevent this from happening, ideas need to be backed up with solid information such as:
* What prompted the suggestion?
* How will the suggestion benefit the company?
* How will the suggestion benefit the employees?

How to Make Your Staff Suggestion Scheme a Dazzling Success
A staff suggestion scheme can provide a major contribution to your company’s success. It can make both employees and customers happier.

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