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Employee Training Essay

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The biggest job we have is to teach a newly hired employee how to fail intelligently. We have to train him to experiment over and over and to keep on trying and failing until he learns what will work,” (Kettering, 2010). Employee training is important in any job if an employer wants to be sure the job is done correctly. Training can help further an employee’s career because he or she will get better at his or her current job so the employee needs a new challenge. Career development is an employee’s responsibility so if they want to continue in the same company, they must think long-term when they first start. “If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you ...view middle of the document...

If an applicant holds a degree in human resources, it is not possible for him or her to go out and do the job compared to someone who has been trained in the company so it will take on-the-job training to get their skills up to what the organization needs. Training is a need in any job for an employee who just comes into the job or even when a new program comes out because the employee will need to know how to use the program.
Employee development consists of six different methods. Job rotation is a method where employees moved from various jobs in the organization. This helps employees expand their skill, knowledge, and abilities. This can help with broadening an employee’s exposure about what the companies different operations are within the company. This can help with reducing boredom and stimulate development of new ideas. Assistant-to positions are employees with demonstrated potential to work under a successful manager. This type of method work as assistants on special boards, these individuals will perform many duties under supervision. This helps with employees experiencing a wide variety of management activities, and will help with moving them to the next level in their career. Committee assignment allows employees to share in decision making, learn by watching others and investigate specific organizational problems. This is a temporary committee that is assigned to solve a problem in the organization to recommend a solution. These can become permanent positions that can increase the employee’s exposure to other employees in the organization. Lecture courses and seminars revolve around formal instruction. These help acquire knowledge and develop their conceptual and analytical abilities. Through the development of training and technology this type of development is not just offered off-the-job but through distant learning. Simulations are artificial environment that attempts to closely mirror a real problem. Case studies have become popular because these can take real situations that have accrued and attempt to find the right solution that fit the problem. Case studies help develop discussions among the group and help let people defend their reason for finding that solution. Another form of simulations are decision games and role-playing, this puts people in the same place as the problem. When using a computer to decide this decision, they can see what happens with the decision they chose without seeing the reactions of actual people. Role playing lets people act these problems out and deal with people. This lets people put their words to action and find how their actions can affect those around them. This type of development method allows people to simulate the situation, see how deal with certain situations and how the decision chosen can turn out. Outdoor training is the last development method. This method can sometimes be referred to as wilderness or survival training. The importance of this training is work as a team...

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