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Employee Training And Career Development Paper

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Employee Training and Career Development Paper
Karl Bryant
Dr. Lauraann Migliore

Employee Training and Career Development Paper
There are many aspects that go into the training and career development in different organizations. Each organization depends on human resource department in different ways. Human resources is a people department because in most companies today managers depend on HR to find or locate candidates that are right for the job and also aid in the training or creating the proper training to ensure new hires are going to be able to get the job done right. Creating a job or career is the hard part in an organization due to the fact that you have to ...view middle of the document...

Core training is involves introducing the best training program possible to new hires that involves basic knowledge of the job but in a more extensive manor to ensure that the new employee knows everything they need to know so they can not only show better quality work ethnics but also progress slowly higher in the organization. Other types or methods of employee development include but are not limited to personal development plans, leadership training and mentor development plans.
Employee development and career development are similar but they do have their key distinctions that are pretty prominent. An example of this is the development on an employee stand point relatively refers or involves the organizations best attempts to train or grow an employee’s career skills so they are able to develop new and better job skills as the jobs today update on a regular basis and require refresher courses constantly to keep up with the everyday growing needs of companies. Company development usually consists of programs that concentrate more on opportunities that help the employees grow to reach their full potential as well as reach their goals of what they want out of their career. In past years many studies have been conducted that exploited the fact that employees that where offered opportunities for personal growth where more committed to their jobs than those who were not offered chances for personal growth. In reality organizations that create chances for personal growth and development have had an easier time to retain employees and companies that did not lost more employees. The general concept of thought is that to create a more motivated staff you must offer the proper amount of chances for employees to sharpen and create new skills to get the job done, as well as offer company benefits.
Human Resources plays a major role in the development of employees due to the fact that the human resources department are the ones that create and provide the training necessary to give the employees the skills needed to widen their jobs skills and be better employees. Without human...

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