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Employment Law Chapter 3 Essay

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Read Chapter 3 and Complete the following Vocabulary words pg.94:

Glass ceiling- The invisible, artificial, and attitudinal barriers that conspire limits the access of women and persons of color to higher-level positions.
Discrimination-The limitation or denial of employment opportunity based on or related to the protected class characteristics of persons.
Adverse employment Action-Harassment that does not directly alter a person's employment status, but makes it more difficult to perform well and stay on the job.
Protected class-The characteristics of people, such as race, sex, and age, which are considered impermissible grounds for making employment decisions.
disparate treatment-The unequal treatment based on one or more protected class characteristics that results in the limitation or denial of employment opportunity.
adverse impact-The disproportionate limitation or denial of employment opportunity for some protected class group that results ...view middle of the document...

2.In Allen v. Totes cause an employee who recently gave birth returned to work as usually but would take unplanned breaks to pump milk for her child. This case was a little tricky to me because on one hand it could be considered that pumping milk is a medical need for the nutrition for her child. Nevertheless, on the other hand; this would make other employees feel that she was allowed to take more breaks then them, and less work would be completed. In my opinion I would think that the employee should have discussed a schedule plan for the pumping process. In a court of law I do think the courts would give her some type of funding for discrimination, on a medical basis.
3. In the Baker v. Silver Oak Senior Living Management Co. I found that the courts would have found citing’s of misuse of authorities. The fact that Silver Oak's discriminated against age, and one the director didn't follow through with this unlawful behavior the supervisors wanted to get her out of there any way possible.
4. Johnson v. AK Steel in this case a female crane operates was asked to urinate on the side of her crane to not stop the work load. Once the female crane operated quit she filled suit. In this case I find that the female employee would have a valid suit against the steel company because women do not have the same body parts as a male. This can also be unsanitary and unlawful to expose humanly body parts in a public atmosphere.
7. In the Wallace v. DTG Operation, the female was affect directly through retaliation for expressing a compliant of sexual harassment. One the manager reported the claim is was let go with reasoning of downsizing, she opted for a transfer and was denied. Once another position can open was denied as well. The regional manager did appreciate her claims and was basically black balled from the company. I found that Wallace had a very factual case that could be proven in a court of law.
8. In the Hatmaker v. Memorial Medical Center, in this case since an investigation was completed and no findings were present I would suspect that the courts would not side with Hatmaker's claim. Personally I didn't read any really disputes created by the director, although Hatmaker didn't like the director it is still a workplace and often people don't get to work with their friends.

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