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Name : Nitu Poudel


Fear is something that is born in every personalities and it is universal emotion. Some people have lots of fear and some have less but it's not something that can be ignored. Even God has fear. Fear is a that emotion, which can lead you to either become a great person or a broke one. If you take fear in a positive way then it can improve and direct you to obtain your goals. For example, "Fear of failure, Fear of death and Fear of other". If you follow these fear in a positive manner then you can be a successful person and you should always have fear. In the same way, if you do not have fear of anything then you would obviously continue ...view middle of the document...

In each and every step, first I feel the fear whether I can succeed this task or not then I move on taking it positive in a safe way as much as possible. For example, I do not know how to drive a vehicle and I am learning this task. But I have a deep fear of the thought of having an accident. Because of the fear of having an accident, I will not stop learning how to drive but I will learn to drive safely so that I avoid accident. I can share you an incident about a recent fear of mine i.e. I had lots and lots of fear about driving or touching the steering of a car so I never had a confidence of touching it. Later on, I managed to come over my fear and attempted to learn driving. Still, I had so much fear that I hit the DPS office pole. After that I learnt few tips for driving safely. Likewise, without fear, traffic would be more wild that it is now. Fear plays a big role in my life. If fear having a right dose, then it is very essential for my or others survival. If we do not have fear we would do stupid things in life. So, fears are necessary because that will make you think, observe and plan but fear that set up your inner confidence will paralyze you.
In conclusion, everyone should understand that fear is a natural phenomenon. Everyone of us has some kinds of fear. So, better learn from it and be safe. Thus, have fear but over come it in a good way to prosper and cherish your life to make it beautiful and be an example for the world. So, having fear and overcoming it will help you develop courage to take on more challenges in life.

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