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Online Shopping Vs. Traditional Shopping
Humans have several different beloved past times such as sports, vacations and entertainment. One of the oldest and most enduring is shopping which encompasses shopping for necessity and shopping for pleasure. Advancements in technology have allowed humanity to purchase items online through the Internet. The purpose of this essay is to compare and contract shopping online to traditional shopping. At the end of the essay you can decide which method is best for you.
Traditional and online shopping allow the consumer to view the items; however, not all online websites allow the ...view middle of the document...

There is no guess work and the customers can avoid return shipping charges.
Both traditional and online shopping gives the consumers multiple ways to purchase the items such as credit cards and debit cards. Traditional stores accept cash and some still accept checks (Kolo2007, 2011). Online stores accept PayPal, a secure transaction system that keeps the personal information of the customer private (PayPal, 2012). Online shopping allows the customers to shop 24/7/365, while most traditional stores have a closing time (Sonkushre, 2011). This advantage is especially helpful during holidays and when you are traveling. We all know the “holiday rush” can be brutal in more ways than one. Fuel consumption increases, time spent waiting in lines increases, battles over products are becoming common place in stores and the stores may be out of stock for the item that you wanted.
Online shopping and traditional shopping share the same potential for violence against the customers but on very different levels. When addressing the concept of violence in traditional shopping the customers face robberies. Instances like these are increased during the holiday season which has been touched on briefly. The commercialized of the holidays seems to have driven people into a frenzy which means people who are normally mild may become dangerous during the holidays. This may sound strange but the following example will put things into perspective.
For example Black Friday has become one of those events to avoid. The Black Friday incidents described from 2008 to 2011 welcomed crowds with instances of riots, shootings and pepper spray attacks (The Week, 2011). The items that individuals were fighting over consisted of waffle makers at cheaper prices and Xboxes. There were instances of shoppers being robbed and shoot in the parking lot of the shopping centers and stores. Sometimes it was other customers and other times it was random people. In some cases the police ended up being a part of the violence against customers. Individuals with families, especially with small children would welcome the safety of shopping online. Online shopping allows customers to browse chose and purchase items from the comfort and safety of their own homes.
Online shopping removes all these hassles but presents new difficulties. The Internet is a prime breeding ground for cyber criminals and hackers. These are individuals that commit crimes online through the use of techniques such as viruses, Trojan horses, phishing and false website locations (Vanegas, 2011). Viruses and Trojan horses are programs written by cyber criminals known as hackers in order to infect and use an individual’s computer (Vanegas, 2011). These programs have many different directives according to the objective of the hackers. In most instances the target is computer power in order to launch attacks on larger computer systems like Fortune 500 companies. In other instances the target is...

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