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Julie Beitzel
October 16, 2011
SEI English Language Teaching: Foundations & Methodologies
Professor Jennifer Ashton

When thinking of France I think of people speaking French, when thinking of Mexico I think of people speaking Spanish so naturally when I think of the United States I think of people speaking English, but this is not the case. For many decades people have been immigrating to the United States from other countries and therefore much of the United States may not speak English or may speak it as a second language.
I have always wanted to live Paris, I mean who really has not, it is the city of love but I do not speak French fluently so I would feel out of place ...view middle of the document...

It ended bilingual education programs in the state and replaced them with the Structured English Immersion model. This provided students with a one-year program in English and then place the students back in main stream education and provide them the resources to then catch up in other academic areas. With typical bilingual education a student may be separated from their peers for several years while learning English which encourages segregation in schools. Were proposition 227 suggest students only be separated from their peers for one year while learning English this places them back with their peers sooner to encourage them to socialize with all students not just those who they have common ground. I think this in the long run provides immigrate students with a better education because there are no limits on who they can talk to or what they can do within the school system.
Arizona also has passed a law similar to California, Proposition 203. Proposition 203 would remove existing bilingual education laws. It would also “change the law to require that all classes be taught in English except that pupils who are classified as "English Learners" will be educated through sheltered English immersion programs during a temporary transition period” (Ballot Pedia 2011) The sheltered English immersion programs will provide the same things that California’s proposition 227 does to their students. Proposition 203 would also allow parents to apply for waivers for their children to remain in the traditional bilingual education classes if their...

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