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Engm 244 Journal #8 Essay

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Ashton Bricker
Journal #8
12 March 2015
Professor Jordan told us this week that in order to fix the blind area of the Johari window, you need to get feedback. I have seen this put into action in life. One time in middle school, there was a day where one of my friends had really smelly breath. To try and help her one of my other friends went up to her and told her as nicely as possible that her breath didn’t smell that great and gave her a piece of gum. That turned out to be one of the best things she could have done because the one girl was completely unaware that her breath smelled bad. After seeing how this helped, I will always try to get as much feedback as possible and to give ...view middle of the document...

This is why you have to use your right brain because that’s one thing a computer can’t do. In order to be the best I can, I will continue to think about whether what I am doing is unique to me.
Next Pink said that, “high tech is no longer enough.” I see this a lot in my life. Anytime you go to the store you should notice this. Things can no longer just function. They have to look cool and be unique also. For example, Apple focuses not only on having the best functioning computers but also on how sleek they look. Knowing this, I will have to consider design and appeal if I am ever trying to develop a product.
Last, Pink stated that your cognitive patterns shift from left to right brained as you mature. I am not sure whether I agree with this. I know that my mom has always been a very left brained person. Watching her age, I almost think she’s becoming even more left brained in her ways. I could never see her becoming right brained, so I don’t think this is true for everyone. I will try to keep this in mind though as I think about my future.
In the Covey reading this week, we learned that you should focus your time on the things you can control rather than the ones you can’t. This only seems logical, as there is no point in focusing on things you can’t control because no matter how much time you put in, they won’t ever change. One article suggests that in order to make the best use of your time, you should formulate a plan and establish a timeline (3). This will help you to decide what the most important things you should be focusing on are. This also goes along with what Professor Jordan was saying about the Pareto Principle. With this many people thinking it’s the right thing to do, I will...

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