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Entrepreneurship Essay

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Characteristics of Entrepreneurs
The entrepreneurs’ are a key element for enterprises developing, and also play the decisive factors role to decide the company’s success or failure. According to the view of Say(1834) whom French economist, that “entrepreneurs can be seen as adventurers, they are fourth factors of production to organize, manage and operate other three elements which are land, workforce and capital, but they has duty to bear the possible risk of bankruptcy.”(Kuratko&Hodgetts,2007). With the times developing, the concepts of entrepreneur are more focus on modern concepts. The view of Akhouri point that “entrepreneur as a character who combines innovativeness, ...view middle of the document...

”(Silverthorne,2005). Sometimes, the high achievers motivation often drive the radical personality, it will led organization going to risk. Thus, we cannot ignore the impact of environment on personal decision making. Timmons considers that “entrepreneurs obviously need to ambitious, but they need consider the impact of environment. Because, many characteristics can be acquired and not set by innate; many of abilities can be taught or, at very least, scenarios can be provided which stimulate the acquisition of these skills and abilities.”(Deakins&Freel, 2009).
In my view, although many of high achievement motivation people often focus on problem-solving. Thus, they always spend more time to considering the solutions to potential problems. So the image of high-achievement motivation people always seen as poor interpersonal skills, because they are overemphasize outcome and low ability to managing people effectively. But, successful entrepreneurs will not overlook the impact of environment. Example, I had a part-time job at Holiday Inn last year; in there many staffs come from different national and they have different background which built different personality for them. Facing this situation that everyone want get good performance include me, the conflict is inevitable. How to solve benefits conflicts key point. So my solution is give compliment for my colleague, study how to find them superiority. Thus, their evaluation that I’m peaceful and non-techy, they always think I'm friendly and easy to communicate. In shot words, avoid to reveal the appetence of you to other people is keys of high-achievement motivation people.

(2) Risk-taker
Successful Entrepreneurs are adventurers, which mean they have the ability to believe their hunches and behave on them. In my view, that the risk for entrepreneurs is unavoidable, for successful entrepreneurs that the ‘risk-free’ life is fearful, because it means if they do not take chance, they will never know what they could have achieved.
Knight point that the “entrepreneur is an individual who is prepared to undertake risk and the reward-profit-is the return for bearing uncertainty, which is an uninsurable risk.
The opportunity for profit arises out of uncertainty surrounding change. If change is perfectly predictable then no opportunity for profit exists.”(Knight, 2009).
Sometimes the Business idea is a hunch which entrepreneurs catch the chance acted upon. They always facing the risk of loss in start business process, and they have confidence can to calculated risks to meet their goal. But it does not mean that entrepreneurs just rely on personality traits to solve risk, they also consider the importance of management skills.
The view of Ray that the research of entrepreneurs has been ill-conceived, because “ there is no empirical evidence or conceptual base to say much, if anything, about entrepreneurs and risk taking, So the researching should concentrate on the development of skills and...

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