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Entrepreneurship Management My Employees, Buyers And Suppliers Like Working For My Company Because We Have A Lot Of Wins I Am Not Sure How They Will Take It When Our Company

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Entrepreneurship Management

Q1 Seems like a lot of work in writing articles and time in chat rooms. Although it might be a way of getting people to my website with only a small expense, do you think that this approach is worth the investment of time?

Q2 What are the other benefits of this approach over and above simple a cost saving

Q3 Are there particular businesses and products more suitable for this approach

Q1 It is not surprising that a lawyer should say that an entrepreneur needs a lawyer to start a business. I certainly do not have money to burn on unnecessary legal fees. Which things do I need a lawyer for now, which things need a lawyer but can be delayed and finally ...view middle of the document...

My employees, buyers, and suppliers like working for my company because we have a lot of wins. I am not sure how they will take it when our company begins to have a lot more failures (even if those failures are small)- it is a psychological thing. How can I handle this trade-off?
Q3 Even if everyone else accepts it, I am not sure how I will cope. When projects fail it hits me pretty hard emotionally. Is it just that I am not cut out for this type of approach?

1. I want to find a little pot of gold like Lissa D’Aquanni. Where should I look?
2. I like the gift certificate idea to raise money and build my business. What other types of products do you think that approach will work for?
3. Over the years I have paid a lot of taxes. Should I feel guilty for accessing government – subsidized monies to build my business, or should I feel justified?

Entrepreneurship Management

1. In running this new venture, I need to invest al available resources in producing the products and attracting customers. How important is it for me to divert money from those efforts to protect my intellectual property?
2. I have sufficient resources to obtain intellectual property protection, but how effective is that protection without a large stock of resources to invest in going after those that infringe on my rights? If I do not have the resources to defend a patent, is it worth obtaining one in the first place?
3. Are there circumstances when it is better for me not to be an innovator but rather produce “knock-offs” of other innovations?

1. Gee, these managers discussed in the article are a bit rough. Even if one particular person is not producing as expected, doesn’t this person still deserve to be treated with respect?
2. It appears that the automatic...

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