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Environmental Studies Organic Essay

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Environmental Studies

The simple word “organic” has a lot of meaning behind it. Organic food is food that comes straight from the ground usually by farmed by a famer which takes close look at what he is growing. It also pertains to healthy animals that live their lives without being injected with anything. The farmer does not use any pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMO’s. The food is 100% organic without any artificial growth aid. This means that al plants and animals that are on the farm are healthy and do not come into any contact with chemicals such as pesticides, hormones, or GMO’s. Organic is all about keeping plants and animals healthy but also the environment we live in ...view middle of the document...

There are no nutrients in their food and organic food helps lead to a healthy life style.
Pesticides are very damaging to the human body and also our earth. The chemical is sprayed in order to kill any insects that could affect the maximum potential growth of the plant. Farmers use mustard gas and nerve gas according to the Organic Valley website which was developed form World War II and World War II. The Ohio State University Bulletin states that humans can take pesticides into their body by many routes. Some are indigestion through food; inhale through the air, and skin and eye contact. One of the most popular types of pesticides is orphanophosates and those attack your enzymes in your nervous system. If humans keep getting exposure to this pesticide then it can lead to poising the body, which is very dangerous.
Synthetic fertilizers became very popular after World War II when large stocks of leftover ammoniunion nitrate munitions were marked for agriculture use. Scientist has studied and they come to the realization with the USDA organic production standard’s states that synthetic fertilizers are banned for organic farms. According to the organic valley website, synthetic nitrogen which is the main ingredient in synthetic fertilizers, applied to the soil is absorbed by plants. The rest of it runs into waterways, which creates massive amounts of algal blooms. This alga declares the amount of oxygen in the water, which in the end kills all plant and fish life in the water. These places are known as dead zones and in 1995 there were only 60 known dead zones in our country. Now there are about 405 with a size of 3,000-8,000 square miles of dead zone in the Mississippi River. Synthetic fertilizers also run off into our ground water, which contaminates our drinking water. These cause many hazardous chemicals in our water for our body. It does not only harm humans but also harms plants in a very big way. The synthetic realization makes plants weaker thus not being able to produce healthier food for humans. Since the 1940’s almost 5 billion acres of soil has been downgraded worldwide. With plants being weaker this abuses their roots to be weaker which is a main part of what controls what comes in to them so they can catch diseases that kills the plant. If you have so many acres of farm this could be a very big problem even if one plant got a disease because it can spread very quickly.
Organic regulations do not allow any type of synthetic hormones on livestock because the affects it has on humans and animals. Organic valley is a very outstanding organic farm because they follow the “precautionary principle” which basically means that if they suspect that something will harm human health then it is a caution. In the beef industry growth hormones are used on cattle so they can make more milk and will also lead to weight gain in the cattle. This hormone is called Bovine Growth Hormone and it can increase milk production by up to 15%. These...

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