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Environmental Worldview Essay

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Final Assignment: My Environmental Worldview
Haleigh Moore
East Carolina University
May 1, 2016


The following document will contain my environmental worldview statements. It will discuss the six major topics that were covered throughout the semester, and will affiliate with my opinions of them based on what I have learned. The six topics that will be discussed are human population growth, water and soil resources, air resources and climate change, energy resources, waste management, and sustainability. All of the topics that will be discussed were learned about and had assignments to go along with them. In this document I will compare my opinions from the beginning ...view middle of the document...

It is also causing pollution, and toxins being released into the air; as well as contributing to acid rain. As a whole we need to contribute to proper waste management by continuing to regulate laws, and use modern landfills as well as incineration facilities because those lead to fewer negative impacts.

Energy Resources
Energy demand is a problem because it can lead to increased fossil fuels and climate change (Christensen-Leege, 2016, p. 292). Energy use is necessary, but the problem is that it is being overused and is expected. The solution is energy conservation by managing the EEI and placing regulations on it. Another solution is to manage demand to reduce amount that is used. One could use fewer services, examine what is consumed, and change it. If every person worked on it what they consume the problem could easily be containable.

Human Population Growth
With increased population growth future generations will not have enough resources, or even the environment that we have now. The world will be similar to the Easter Island scenario which I believe could have been handled more efficiently. To fix our problem of human population growth we need to spread awareness, provide available birth control and contraceptive for cheap, and have greater access to family planning. We need to focus on growth rate in the U.S before trying to help other countries because the negative effects felt in the U.S are felt throughout the entire world due to our per capita consumption of resources.

Air Resources and Climate Change
Arguably our most problematic issue because it is effecting the entire world. Climate...

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