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Analysis Project
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Analysis Project
  If it is determined that the photography will be done in house, the next step would be to determine the equipment needed and what affect the photography would have on daily operations of Kudler Fine Foods. The equipment and will need to be up to date, and effective in order for the company to make a profit.
For effective in house photography, the first piece of equipment that is necessary is the camera. It should be powerful, sturdy, digital and preferably portable so that a photographer can take it on site, in the store for shots of the product in it’s actual location. This needs to be done without ...view middle of the document...

For that reason, additional portable lighting should also be obtained, such as a light box. Flash cards are another option but require extensive knowledge and experience to be used effectively. (Greenspun, 1999) 
The computer and programs used to develop and edit the photographs are also a very important part of the photography process. The computer that will process these photos should have powerful processors and video cards for the editing processes. Of course Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard, but there are several other options for that usage as ware cheaper options. Corel Video Studio and Paint Shop Pro are inexpensive at between $60 and $150.
If done in house, a photographer would need to be hired, and be readily available to work within the business’s deadlines and time constraints. They will also need to be experienced in order to understand the needs of the business, and the message it wants to portray.  
If outsourced, the company hired would need to be brought up to speed on the needs of the company, so frequent meetings would be necessary with those involved in the project on both sides in order as to maintain deadlines.  
Building an in-house photography study can be beneficial on many aspects. Company knowledge and full control over the material used for projects or jobs are priceless assets. In contrast, if the right precautions are taken, using an outside company can assure quality while remaining cost effective. The right decision can be reached when considering the individual organization’s budget, staff, expertise, and equipment. 

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