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Erp Training Essay

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The article chosen for the critical review is “ERP Training with a web-based electronic learning system: The flow theory perspective” by: Duke Hyun Choi, Jeoungkun Kim, Soung Hie Kim. The article built strengths from the limitations of previous studies. Based from their range of literatures, they have found a gap in the information delivery system which is the lack of theoretical background. Then, exploration and validation of relationships with its key concepts. Through these boundaries the authors evidently stated their objectives. First, to present flow theory as a theoretical foundation in e-learning domain. Second, assess what student perceptive factors are significant to ...view middle of the document...

Indeed, such system and information quality and user satisfaction must be assessed in the success of the evolved learning. In ERP context, the training with web-based instruction was the avenue to facilitate learning for the advantage of the SME in South Korea. The overall benefits are for the future workforce and its economic development to become more competitive by embracing the changes. Until now, Korea’s SME Policy focuses on the promotion, trainings included for the betterment of trade industry (Lee, 2014).
The article main point is total involvement, exploring the actions of the end-user that relates proficiency on the job using the e-learning tool. The end-users evaluation is based on the key antecedents links to flow and attitude, consequently, associates with learning outcome (technology self-efficacy). So the cross- sectional design was adopted to validate the proposed research model, thus the design suitable because they are looking for associations between variables, its quantifiable data were taken at a single point plus they investigated a large number of people (Bryman and Bell, 2015). Looking closely at the methodology, students of the ERP training are the respondents. The authors sent a postal questionnaire to students via guidance teacher then returned via home delivery service. It took three weeks to get all data. This chosen technique, however, has pros and cons. Pros since it is economical, quick distribution, no questioner bias (the respondents answered out of free will and understanding) and great for dealing with high volume of respondent. The only major drawback is the slow turnover as evidenced in one of the article limitations are the following: delayed feedback, low reply and unfilled data. This issue conveyed non response, therefore, affects analysis and the credibility of the research. Stated from Bryman and Bell (2015) increasing sample size stabilizes projected bias but it is uneconomical. Furthermore, to avoid non response, they may have to provide a covering letter explaining the reasons to survey, give incentives, present clear instructions or use of online survey. Also, to a stronger methodology, perhaps, varied sample be used and survey interview may be added to the study.
The analysis of quantitative data, they have concluded a worthy fit model assessed by CFA, meanwhile, quite a number of methods was tested in the model, all showed a good fit except goodness-of- fit index (GFI). Prior literatures had experienced the same phenomena according to the authors. It was suggested that since the result was near the acceptance mark, they have proposed that it was still credible. It somehow reflects bias; such assumption will be accepted as valid if only backed up by fact- based insights.
To check the validity the authors had used Chronbach’s alpha showing reasonable result, as well as convergent and discriminant validity. These methods indicated reliability of the data. Tranparency was noticeable in this...

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