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Es 110 Essay

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Adam Howard
ES 110G
The Dust Bowl
April, 28, 2014

The Dust Bowl

The dust bowl happened in the 30’s. It was a period of severe drought. Severe drought and wind erosion ravaged the Great Plains for a decade. The drought damaged the agriculture and the environment in a detrimental way. Because of the drought and the farmers not using dry land farming methods at the time to prevent wind erosion during the dust bowl. The farmers had plowed the soil before the dust bowl disrupting the grasses that would have normally kept the soil in place during high winds. Excessive cultivation of the land in the 1930s exposed dry soil to the wind. The water that was in the ground no longer soaked in ...view middle of the document...

The drought caused the crops to fail because without water the crops could not survive.
The tractors that they used also put toxins in the environment. After good years of producing crops, the drought started and the land could produce no more crops. Farmers continued to plow the lands in hopes of the rain returning. The winds became so much that the currents in the winds with static in them destroyed crops. Animals were starving and dying. Jack rabbits overtook the land eating everything that was in site. The farmers killed a lot of the rabbits to keep them from destroying what was left of their fields. The farmers were no longer able to make a living and had to leave the area to find work to support their families.
“Using computer simulations, Cook, Seager and Ronald Miller of LDEO found the "black blizzards" exacerbated the drought and pushed it northward into the Great Plains. The airborne dust particles reflected sunlight back into space, leading to cooler surface temperatures. As temperatures dipped, so did evaporation. "You basically cut off the moisture source to clouds and precipitation," Cook said. Following the Dust Bowl disaster, agencies enacted land-use rules to reduce soil erosion and prevent further such catastrophic dust storms in the United States. Even so, the researchers say, global warming and an increased pressure to expand agriculture in light of a possible food crisis are creating conditions ripe for dust storms in other regions worldwide.”(1).
The people of that time were very selfish they got out of the land what they wanted without any thought of what it might do to the environment and the people that depended on the environment to survive. Millions of acres of grassland were destroyed for the farmers’ profits. The dust bowl is was the worst man made ecological disaster in American history.
The government enacted many new rules to farmers to promote agriculture health and sustainability. They enacted these rules to save the land and prevent any further catastrophic events like the dust bowl from happening again. “The Works Progress Administration (WPA), a program started under the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act, is one of the best-known New Deal programs. The WPA was a work relief program that employed more than 8.5 million people to build roads, bridges, airports, public parks and buildings. It took millions of tons of dirt and debris blowing...

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