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Essay About Social Media

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The Negative Impact of Social Media on Society
In today’s society, one can not go for long periods of time without finding a way to entertain themselves. Many adolescents are using social media to communicate with one another, varying from across the room to across the world. Social media has become so predominant, that it is now available almost in every technological device. Although it may be a convenient way of communication and keeping in touch with long distance friends, there are many negative impacts of social media, especially on the young generation. Not only is social media slowly taking over many adults’ spare time, but it is also affecting children of all ages. When a baby is ...view middle of the document...

(pg. 63) The more teenagers drown themselves into networking, the more damage they can do to themselves. Social media is not only bad for physical health, but also for emotional health. Many teenage girls live their lives knowing they will never be as pretty as models that have edited their photos and are wearing pounds of makeup. This not only misleads teenagers into believing they have a negative body image, but this also promotes that if one does not look like the models on social media, then one is forced to believe they are not beautiful enough. Social media affects young female teenager’s mental health, which can lead to depression, anxiety, and self-consciousness.
The last way social media has affected the younger generation is by stripping them of their social skills. Many jobs require being able to talk in front of a large crowd or being friendly with one another. According to Heidi Cohen, a researcher on the younger generation, one major requirement that interviewers look for is eye contact (Web. 2015). When teenagers are wasting their valuable time on a computer or a mobile device, they are looking directly at a screen. Statistics show that students are having a hard time with social skills and eye contact, which can be a major problem when one tries to seek for a job. These characteristics can only be established in one by communicating with people in person. Social media has made it really simple to communicate by sending as many texts or messages as possible. An average teenager in the United States sends about fifty text messages daily. If social media did not exist, teenagers would be forced to talk to their friends in person and communicate with strangers which would develop characteristics like eye contact. Without the crucial features that an interviewer looks for, most teenagers are out of luck when looking for a job. Not only has social networking impacted the amount of time people spend in physical contact with each other, but it has also caused deterioration in the ability of young people to effectively communicate with potential employers for entry level positions.
Another impact social media has is promoting violence and providing uncensored comments and videos. Facebook contains many violent fighting videos, and the comments on the...

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