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Essay On Normality

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What does it mean to be normal? Well if you ask Webster’s dictionary about the concept of normality you get: “the state or fact of being the way things usually are”. But is it really that simple? Can you just define what it means to be normal with only a few lines and dots on a piece of paper? Is it actually possible to define normality as things being as they usually are? If everything is as it usually is there would never be any change.

Even if you look at normality seen from a mathematical perspective which is perhaps the most simple way of looking at normality things are almost never as they usually are. In mathematics you add all the numbers up and find an average. Most people are usually either above or below the average. But if we look back at our definition of normality it suddenly becomes normal to be either above or below average. However this ...view middle of the document...

However they are different in the way they look but so are people with Down’s syndrome which brings me to my next question.

Are you abnormal if you have a mental disorder? While it is true that a lot of people with mental disorders need assistance for their daily routines they are often very independent. Take people with Down’s syndrome. They often have some sort of job, they can shop for groceries and even cook. The largest sign of people with mental disorders (such as Down’s syndrome) being socially accepted even as “normals” is that they have the right to vote. When they turn eightteen they are allowed to vote like every other citizen of their country. In Denmark everyone has the right to vote when they turn eighteen even people with mental illnesses.

But although mentally or physically handicapped people are seen as normal in most countries some countries or people still differ between physically and mentally “normal” people and those that “aren’t”. This may not be shown in the form of oppression but more of a way of caring less for the people who are quote “abnormal”.

Normality is a very hard to explain because it is a concept that is different to each individual person. Everyone and everything has their own opinion on what normality is whether it is mathematically, philosophically or linguistically. I cannot explain the concept of normality any better than everyone else can. Personally I do not think we should divide people into groups of normal and abnormal. As said earlier if normality means “the usual” then there wouldn’t be any change in what is “normal”. But if you look at the last 200 years just the way people dress and speak has changed so much and wearing clothes from 200 years ago will be considered “abnormal” today so “normality” changes all the time and you can’t really pinpoint what it exactly is or who or what is “normal”. So maybe the question is not what normality is but does it actually exist?

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