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Essay On Vallye Song

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“ Oh yes. You’re strong. I think you’ve got what it takes…”(p.84). Veronica Yonker, a seventeen-year old girl, who dreams big in the post-apartheids era, may have just been the breakthrough for many young strong women of South Africa. These words, coming from a white man( the AUTHOR), was the last boost she needed to go get and live her biggest dream in Johannesburg, as a black girl coming from the Valley.

Veronica was born and grew up in the Valley, in the shadows of her mother and grandfather, but in the light of her loving grandfather. Being the sweet, innocent, obedient and respectful child, as she was, pleasing her grandfather and growing up, in the same way her mother did, she was not stuck in her past. She had her own dreams- and dreaming big, she did- and plans for her own future. And reaching these dreams was her passion. Especially her dream of becoming a ...view middle of the document...

But Veronica Yonker had this dream and passion, that carried her through every day and through every negative thought and strengthened her and gave her the courage she needed to pursue this dream. She was going to be different and make a respectful living for herself by living her dream.

Abraam Yonker, as a farmer and a black man, who lived in the apartheids era nearly all of his life, cannot seem to understand this rage in Veronica to leave the valley and become a singer in the depths of Johannesburg. For black people did not have that chance, nor opportunity in life, so why take the risk in losing money, hope and losing oneself? Abraam already planned Veronica’s future as staying in the Valley, working in the old house like Betty did, and singing her days through and keeping the farm joyful. Young black women could not dream bigger than having this future, for dreaming bigger or wanting more, was rather impossible. Veronica, however, deliberately and passionately dreamed different and planned her future by having the courage to reach this dream on her own merit.

Veronica wanted to live the “changed life from now on”, after the elections, and she witnessed the development of black people gaining opportunities and earning and engraving a place in this country, being someone and meaning something. She was after this development and built her dream on this opportunity. She eventually ended up getting a lift to Johannesburg and starting her dream. This, however, was at a high cost of hurting and leaving her grandfather behind, but she would write to him every day and take care of him with the money she would earn.

Veronica eventually ended up having the opportunity in taking the first steps of reaching her dream- she went to Johannesburg. Veronica’s stubbornness and her eager to be and live different than in the past, together with her passion and will to succeed, no matter what others say, pushed her in gaining the opportunity to develop. This makes her the symbol for other young women who want to develop and dream big.

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