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Essay To Enter Keller Graduate School Of Managment

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Hiking to succeed
Surrounded by thousands of buildings, big cities, differences culture, and complete silence, I found myself in a whole new scenario. It was hard for me not being able to understand how to write or read the English language. I realized that I must dedicate my free time to understanding the causes of my fear and the lack of courage to learn a language that will help me to continue a dream that I have interrupted. In addition, the fight to pursue my dream and the rejection of other people help me to learn several valuable lessons that will allow me to increase my knowledge understanding the English culture and language.
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This takes a lot of effort, sacrifice and determination but is paying off. The feelings became spectacular once I climbed my goals and I start communicating with other individuals in their language. I sensed that the power of knowledge has started to open plenty of doors and fulfilling my needs on this new world. Real courage has helped me to fight the barriersthat I have encounter on this path. I realize that this journey will be my own interesting goal and will form a solid foundation to this new beginning and a bright or better future.
Along the hard path, the barriers and challenges of the journey I notice this was the direction to steer my life. It takes real courage to change my taught to become a better person and well rounded professional. This journey taught me that every individual have their own path of their life is up to them to have the courage and the motivation to change and adapt to their new surroundings and environment.
Sometimes we struggle with new challenges, changes and barriers it take a lot of courage to adapt and conquer the new opportunities presented to us. Courage is recognizing the need to remain focused when life throws a challenges as us courage give us the strengths, perseverance, and determination to achieve all of our goals. I’m a real example of having the courage to succeed and adapt to any changes. However, I experienced the overriding need to understand the origins of my fears and causes of them this gave me the mental moral strength to resist.

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