Eth 316 Organizational Ethics Essay

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Organizational Ethics

Alisa King


Professor Shannon Rivers

Organizational Ethics

Each and every organization that exist have or should have a code of ethics in which they follow. The ethics of an organization governs how they will reply to both an internal and external stimulus. Walmart is one of the largest organizations in the world, that’s why it was chosen for this essay. Furthermore, they deal with lots of external social pressures that influence their ethics. They have had more than their fair share of lawsuits because they was sued 4,851 times in the year 2000 alone Willing, R. (2001, August 13). Lawsuits a volume business at Wal-Mart. ...view middle of the document...

However, Walmart not only failed the economy by not providing well-paying jobs they also provided unsafe and unfair working conditions. This caused Walmart employees to strike for the first time in 2012. Management is faced with issues on a daily basis and they govern their decisions by referring to their code of ethics. Although the Large Retailer Accountability Act of 2013, which required retailers that grossed 1 billion dollars plus and seventy-five square foot stores in the D.C. area pay their employees at least $12.50 an hour failed, it shed light on Walmart’s unfair treatment of its employees. The Large Retailer Accountability Act initiated policy debates and influenced widespread media coverage. Walmart employees still have issues with their pay to this day but the external social pressures such as, the strikes, debates, LRAA, and media coverage has played a huge role in influencing Walmart’s organizational ethics. According to Logan (2014), it will take a huge effort in order to completely change the ethics of the world’s largest employer but 2012-2013 was a big year for Walmart’s employees and collaborates.
Organizations and Personal Decisions
External social pressures are relevant to both organizational and personal decisions because they help us to determine if our ethics are in line with reality. Sometimes people adjust their personal ethics in order to not be scrutinized in the media and/or to not be the topic of a debate. Organizations usually reconsider their ethics when they’re questioned by key personnel like stakeholders and the government. External pressures can be both good and bad depending on the individual/organization...

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