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Eth 316 Social Responsibility Essay

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The Responsibility Project
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Ethics 316
March 3, 2012

The Responsibility Project
After reviewing several short films, Bottomless Closet, featuring Sara Slocum, is the film chosen for The Responsibility Project. Bottomless Closet is a nonprofit organization. This socially responsible organization is solely staffed by volunteers and 100% funded by donations. This project will reveal organizational issues, external social pressures, influences on organizational ethics, and the relationship between legal and ethical issues.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, October’s unemployment rate was 7.9% (Statistics, 2012). A short term solution of unemployment or ...view middle of the document...

This organization contributes to social responsibility by decreasing the jobless rate, adding to the workforce, and enhancing economic stability within the community.

There are external social pressures that influence organizational ethics. The two main social pressures stem from joblessness and a decrease in hiring. Although the unemployment rate has decreased 1% from a year ago (Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2012), employers are not hiring at the rate as many hoped. There are still many Americans who need jobs; however, Bottomless Closet is rising to the demand. This organization trained over 3,000 women in 2010, which is up 30% from 2009. Sixty percent of the women hired still remain employed today (Bottomless Closet). External social pressures play a large role in challenging the Bottomless Closet to provide high quality consulting and promote continuous success in the community.

Organizational and personal decisions are relevant in the community. Bottomless Closet benefits from its socially responsible decision to serve women in the community and watch them thrive. Everyone in the community benefits from the personal determination and drive of the women who receive services at the organization. When a woman utilizes the goal setting and financial management tools learned from Bottomless Closet, she brings a stable income home to take care of the family and invests it by becoming an avid consumer in the community.

Relationships between legal and ethical issues are noted. Ethical issues are not the law but may have a reputable effect on the organization. Legal issues, however, are upheld by the law. When the law is broken, it is not only an ethical issue; legal consequences are at bay and penalties must be paid. Bottomless Closet is 100% funded by donations from around the world. Major sponsors include BMW, J.P. Morgan, Macy’s,...

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