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Ethical Lens Inventory Essay

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Results of my Ethical Lens Inventory and Career Plan Building Activity: Aptitude

My results in the Ethical Lens Inventory and Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude, came as no surprise. I feel that they both reflect my personality along with how I academically do things. I believe these both will help me in the near future.
I think my results in the Ethical Lens Inventory had a great perspective of who I am. My ethical behavior is doing the right thing, which I agree, because I hold strong standards for myself. My values, core and classical, state that I see how the community as one should work together in order to achieve the best outcome. I also value the individual balance as I seek to satisfy my duties. I have strong balance with no ...view middle of the document...

I believe that my Ethical Lens states that because, I value the community with autonomy and equality equally. Also as stated in paragraph two, doing the right thing plays a part in academic behavior because it shows honesty and commitment. Using reason, experience, authority and tradition also plays a role in academic behavior because, you are listening to others and making sure things are beneficial to the community. My ethical lens influences critical thinking because, when all my results form together, it means you need to think, make decisions for yourself and choose what is right for the community.
My Career Plan Building Activity: Aptitude concludes that I am focused. I have a few strengths, which include, following instructions, cooperating, adhering to values, strategizing, organizing and delivering results. I feel that these are great strengths for me, and they suit me well. I do have a few opportunities, which are, taking initiative, entrepreneurial thinking, researching, writing, goal focus, persuading and presenting. I have to agree, I am not very good at persuading an audience or presenting to one.
I could use My Career Plan aptitude results, competencies and my personal ethical lens to help me in the classroom because, I can show focus, use critical thinking, follow instructions and deliver results. I can also show balance. I could use these in the workplace because I have temperance, prudence, justice and fortitude. You need to show respect to everyone and focus.
In conclusion, my results for my Ethical Lens Inventory and My Career Plan Building Activity: Aptitude, shows that I make decisions for myself as well as others, help my community and show focus. I have many strengths that will help me in the classroom and workplace, along with opportunities.

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