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Ethical Power Essay

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Power refers to the influence that leaders and managers have over the behavior and decisions of subordinates
Five Types of Power
• reward power

• coercive power

• legitimate power

• expert power

• referent power
It refers to a person's ability to influence the behavior of others by offering them something desirable
It is the opposite of reward ...view middle of the document...

The titles and positions of authority that organizations bestow on individuals appeal to this traditional view of power.
It is derived from a person's knowledge (or the perception that the person possesses knowledge). Expert power usually stems from a superior's credibility with subordinates.
It may exist when one person perceives that his or her goals or objectives are similar to another's. The second person may attempt to influence the first to take actions that will lead both to achieve their objectives. Because they share the same objective, the person influenced by the other will perceive the other's use of referent power as beneficial.
Reward power might serve as an incentive for doing a good work and hence it could serve as a reason for an ethical behavior. Legitimate power has a control over flow of actions that will monitor the employees from doing unethical work.

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