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Ethics Paper

670 words - 3 pages

Ethics Paper
Shelia Chaney
University Of Phoenix
MGT/21- Organizational Ethics & Social Responsibility
Rose Nolen
July 22, 2010
Week 1

According to Trevino and Nelson (2007), some of the controversy about whether ethics can or should be taught may stem from disagreement about what we mean by ethics. Ethics can be defined as “a set of moral principles values, a definition that portrays ethics as highly personal and relative. I have my moral principles, you have yours, and neither of us should try to impose our ethics on the other. But the definition of ethics the principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or group focuses on conduct. We expect ...view middle of the document...

Younger employees can be tempted to ignore advice from older workers, who they feel are out of touch. The attitudes toward age will most likely become increasingly important over the next decade as the general population grows older. Discrimination is an ethical issue beyond any legal protection because it’s the core of fairness in the workplace (Trevino and Nelson (2007).
Conflict of interest is another issue ethical issue that affects business environment organization and the community. A conflict of interest occurs when your judgment or objectivity is compromised. The appearance of a conflict of interest is when a third party could think your judgment has been compromised is generally considered to be just as damaging as an actual conflict. The basis of every personal and corporate relationship is trust, and it exists only when individuals and corporations feel they’re being treated fairly, openly, and on the same terms as everyone else. Conflicts of interest erode trust by making it look as if special favors will be extended for special friends and that attitude can enhance one relationship, but at the expense of all others (Trevino and Nelson (2007).
Customer confidence can affect the community and organization. The term customer confidence issues are used as an umbrella to address the wide range of topics that can affect your relationship with customers. These are ethical issues because they revolve around fairness, honesty, and respect for others and customer’s relationships can’t survive without the basic of trust.
In summary, it’s critically important...

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