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Etical Issues And Management Essay

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Ethical Issues and Management (Hiring)
Shirley Scott
October 28, 2012
Craig Fowler

This paper contains information pertaining to the moral and ethical issues faced by managers, the relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management practices, and my experience in hiring.
I would like to note, the majority of information in this paper is information I obtained from other sources. Let me start by saying, the moral and ethical issues faced by managers and how the issues effect other individuals varies in many different situations. According to this article by HR FUNDA, “the challenges which ...view middle of the document...

Talent poaching is a catalyst as it often allows people to get away with unethical practices.” (HR FUNDA, Ethical Issues in Hiring, December 17, 2006). This brings us to the “Social Factors Affecting Employment” by Arnold Anderson, ehow Contributor (n.d.). According to Mr. Anderson, “the culture a company creates and the way that company interacts with the surrounding community are the framework for the social factors affecting employment. Good and bad social factors can have a profound effect on your company ability to recruit and retain quality employees. When you identify those social factors, you can learn how to avoid the negative ones and implement the positive factors to your advantage.” These positive social factors are accountability, opportunity, charitable work, and balance.” Note that these next few paragraphs are also from Mr. Anderson’s article. “For balance, an organization that recognizes the desire for a balance between an employee’s personal life and work life improves its reputation among job candidates as a company that is positive to work for. By implementing a flexible hour’s program and a day care program and offering quality health benefits are ways that a company helps employees keep that balance between home and work life while still remaining productive. With accountability, “the culture within the company needs to be conducive to employee’s retention to prevent large turnovers numbers,” according to the CEO website. The company needs to make managers more accountable for the retention of good employees and for the development of employees who are having production issues. By making managers accountable for employee retention and development creates an atmosphere of cooperation within the workplace that improves retention and also helps in recruiting. As for opportunity, employers develop a reputation among candidates based on the perceived quality of the employment opportunities within the company. Candidates utilize social networks such as the Internet and local professional organizations to investigate the potential for opportunity with an employer before going to an interview. When an employer works with an employee to create career paths and assist in career development, that information will get out to potential candidates and be an asset when recruiting new talent. Lastly, charitable work, the way a company is perceived by the community has an effect on that company’s ability to recruit and retain good employees. If a company is active in local charitable events and causes, then that can have several effects on the company’s ability to recruit talent, it allows potential candidates to come into contact with members of the company in a social setting...

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