Evaluate The Influence Of Two Major Theories Of Ageing On Health And Social Care Provision

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The influence of two major theories relating to health and social care provisions
This assignment will be evaluating how the two major theories of aging (disengament and activity theory) influence health and social care provisions.
As people age they can age in different ways, some people may be effected by their physical health and their oppurtin ities become restricted. because of this they socially withdraw and disengage themseleves becoming independent and in some case defined and an invidual.
Other older people may try and stop the disengament process form happening by remain mentally and socially actie even if their physical health starts to fail, this is so they prevent themselves ...view middle of the document...

The befriending service offers a befriender to the service user who is shares similar hobbies , interest and personalities (so they get along better),the befriender gives the service user someone to socialize with so they do not begin to socially disengage but instead develop and maintain a healthy intellectual and social relationship. The Befriending service can help service users who may have had low self esteem or confidence beforehand regain their confidence and self esteem and feel more comfortable in social environments. Befirenders stop individuals form becoming socially isolated by engaging in activites with them they have enjoyed in the past and currently, befrienders can also go on causal outings with the service user so that they stay mentally and socially active at all times.
Age UK
Age uk offers many social services for older people , they do this to prevent socvcial withdrawl, disengagement and loniness in older adults. It promotes oppourtinites for older adults to stay socially active and mentally able. The groups will help older adults have positive emotions, developed intellectual skills, prevent social withdrawl or isolation and maintain good physical health.
Friendship centers-
A Friendship Centre is a group of active older people who meet on a regular basis for social activities which could include rambling, Tenpin Bowling, pub lunches, theatre visits, holidays and days out.
Friendship centers are centers where older people meet regually to socialize and participate in social activities. These social activites could be :
* Going to a café
* Resturant or pub lunches
* Going to the theatre
* Ball room Dancing clubs
* Bingo
* Arts and craft meetings- knitting club
* Caravan holidays
* Holidays abroad
* Beach trips
* Coach trips
* Days out
Special interest groups
Special interest groups are groups for older people that focus on a particular interest, this encourages socialization as all the older peole attending the group share similar interests and therefore have more to spcialoize about. These groups include :
* Wine appreciation clubs- where older adults do wine testing and experience different wines and flavours
* Writing clubs- where older adults hare their novels, poems or books amoung their peers and have disscussions about it
* Golf club- where older adults meet up on a secdual to participate In games of golf
* Book clubs- clubs where older adults talk about books they have read and share their thoughts and views
* Day trips – where a group of older people take a day trip to socialize...

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