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Evaluate The Literature Which Attempt To Explain The Causality Of Two Emotional Disorders And Explain How Our Body Responds To The Stress Response

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This essay will discuss the causes of two emotional disorders and explain how the human body responds to the stress response. Two causes of emotional disorders, stress and phobia will be discuss. It will also evaluate the theories and literature used to explaining the disorders.
According to Eysenck (2008) Emotional disorders affect human behaviour in relation to the cells, muscles, blood, hormones and the nervous system. The biological and psychological approaches allow psychologists and other health professionals’ to accessed deeper understanding of the disorders and its impact on human behaviour.
Stress which is one of the emotional disorders can be seen as a physical or psychological ...view middle of the document...

Because the body resources have been used to cope with the stressor, there will be insufficient resources to challenge other infection or disease; this may lead to the development of an ulcer or heart disease.

Hans Selye in 1950 defined stress as “the nonspecific response of the body to any demand” (EYSENCK, 2008: 213). The word “demand” in the definition referred to stressors. A stressor in the study of stress is anything that initiates stress response. Examples include, when people are getting married, the responsibilities and the huge life changes involved tends to put them under stress. Another example is when an individual secures an invitation for an interview from a school or an employer, they tend to stress over the outcome of this interview. These two examples can be seen as good stressors because they may be for a good cause but examples like, when an individual has loss a job and is unable to support the family and another one like, an individual who has been attacked by robbers may be considered as bad stressors.
As human beings, our daily life involves around many stressful events which are either good or bad but yet, they are all very useful to our existence. How we cope with stress differs from one person to another due to different types of personalities human beings have. Some people perceive that, their stressors encourage them to aim higher to achieve great goals in life whiles others got subjected to illnesses. Sometimes one man’s stress is another man’s pleasure.
Types of stress disorders
There are two types of stress disorders, acute and posttraumatic. However, in dangerous situation there may be high level of arousal such as anxiety and in an extreme case depression. People deals with stress differently, some settle soon after the incidence has passed whiles other persist with the experience of anxiety and depression. For instance, traumatic events such as rape, earthquake and war can cause people to develop acute or posttraumatic stress disorder. The signs and symptoms of this event are considered as acute if it last for a month or less. However, if it lasts beyond a month then it is considered as posttraumatic disorder (Comer 2011).
Selye (1956, cited in Woods 1997) theory suggested that the human body respond to stress in three different patterns known as “the general adaptation syndrome” which is identified in three stages, firstly is the alarm response; this involves the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system to prepare the body for ‘fight, flight or frolic’. Secondly is the resistance, this is when the alarm response decreases but the stressor continues and the body continues to produce large amount of adrenaline in order to cope with the stressor (the individual may look tense or jumpy). Lastly is ‘exhaustion’, this is when the body starts to indicate the effects of prolonged resistance to the stressor. Muscles become exhausted, the kidneys may become impaired and stores of hormones become low....

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